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Independent School Frizinghall
Young people aged 13-18
Time 9.15 to 3
Operates from our Independent School in Frizinghall, where young people can attend on a full-time basis.
We are able to offer a full alternative education package, with an academic focus, for those young people whose needs are not fully met within other education settings. Our qualifications are; functional skills through Pearsons/Edexcel (English, Maths and ICT) and Prince’s Trust, with a package of additional subjects for a full curriculum of PE, RE, science, PSD, citizenship and our vocational offers of mechanics and marine. We engage learners with a variety of support needs including SEN/EHCP and looked after young people, providing them with a personalised education package. Our trained and experienced staff support learners to overcome barriers and to achieve their best, assisting in progression.

Motor Vehicle Maintenance
Young people aged 12-18
Time 9.30am – 3.00pm
Learners have access to meaningful vocational placements and experiences, giving them the opportunity to work on a range of live vehicles. We engage males and females with an interest in motor vehicles; from motor bikes to vans. Through their placement learners develop a wide range of skills from brakes to body work, and they can specialise where appropriate. Embedded within their placement are the IMI Award, certificate and diploma qualifications (though formal assessment can only take place once young people are aged 14+), and dependent on the time spent in the garage the learners can gain up to a Level 2 in IMI, which will support progression, such as Bradford College.
Young people can be placed in our garage setting one day a week, or up to being with us full time within our Independent School. For many young people the vocational days within our garages supports the rest of their education package, especially when they greatly look forward to attending each week. Young people also often access our open evening and holiday provision from our sites.
Learners also have access to the other qualifications we offer such as Functional Skills.
Young people can attend any of our garage sites; Frizinghall, Keighley or Holme Wood Monday through to Friday where places are available (depending on demand some sites operate on a part time basis).
If you didn’t attend JAMES garage… “I wouldn’t end up going to 6th form” (young person, 2014)
“Coming to JAMES has helped me be more confident in myself and I feel like I can talk to people without being shy.” (young person, 2014)
“It’s really lots to do and it’s all full on work!” (young person, 2014)
“we are at a calmer time, his aggression is disappearing. He is at present a better person.” (Parent, 2014)

Marine Division
Young people aged 12-18
Time 9.15am – 3pm
Our fleet of boats on the Leeds to Liverpool canal, run out of our Shipley wharf base and young people can access the provision part time on Tuesday to Thursday in small groups (1:4) Learners undertake a wide range of sessions from environmental work, to boat engine repair, to traditional trade and dry stone walling, to boat handling and personal development. The canal corridor operates as a tranquil and under-utilised environment on their doorstep, and our programme provides a safe, positive and emotionally supportive setting for those needing additional alternative education support. Young people have access to the IMI qualifications and their Boat Handling and Skippering awards. If appropriate learners can also have access to our Functional Skills qualifications.
Due to the nurturing environment and small groups that operate from Shipley, young people often stay on with us as volunteers (and in some instances staff) and access our open evening and weekend provision.
The programme operates from our Shipley wharf site.

Girl Empower
Females aged 11-18
Time 9.30 – 3.00
Currently runs on a Wednesday from our Frizinghall site.
This all female group engages disengaged and vulnerable girls, at risk from a range of factors including; CSE, grooming, risk taking behaviour, isolation and bullying. This is a small group
of a maximum of 8 and they undertake a programme which is tailored to meet the needs for the cohort. For those referred social and emotional support is provided and within the group peers develop crucial support roles for each other; for example calling each other to ensure attendance. The formal content is embedded within creative and varied sessions, from mug decorating with sexual health messages to talking to a local older people’s group about the impact of behaviour. Attendees often face complex challenges and staff ensure that these issues such as young parenthood and pregnancy are supported so they can maintain engagement.
We have strong success of engaging those females with very low and even 0 attendance rates. Often girls attend our Girl Empower group plus additional days in other JAMES provision.
Learners gain access to qualifications such as Prince’s trust, Problem Solving, Improving Own Learning and Working with Others.

Positive Futures – sport, art, substance misuse, community and crime and girls, ASB (13-19) –up to 2 days a week
Young people aged 12-19
Time 9.30 to 3.30
Operates from our Tramshed in Keighley. Young people can attend up to 2 days per week. One day a week is an all female group (currently this is Wednesday).
The focus of the programme is supporting young peoples’ wider education package, where they have an interest in sport, art or support with conflict resolution, behaviour and ASB. We work closely with the schools and police in the Keighley area and respond to the group’s needs. Young people undertake work around a wide range of sessions, such as; film making, healthy eating, kayaking and substance misuse. The programme looks to build resilience factors and engage young people in positive activities, with direct links to numerous free evening and holiday programmes from residential outings to football. This extended provision operates from additional sites in Keighley; Braithwaite and Highfield.
Learners have access to ASDAN Wider Key Skills; Problem Solving, Improving Own Learning and Working with Others and Functional Skills where appropriate.
This programme has been under-utilized and we are currently running a girls group in schools and delivering in schools the rest of the week. If we had a group we could look at running bespoke programmes at a low cost/no cost in Keighley if the aims meet PCC objectives.